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Easy to spot? / Facile à repérer ?

I am seriously thinking of painting my car in bright yellow or with butterflies or any other colors or patterns that nobody has. Not that I need to be different. I actually need my car to be different for visibility purposes. I mean, it is needed because I cannot distinguish my car from another… I… Continue reading Easy to spot? / Facile à repérer ?

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The weak link / Le maillon faible

Disclaimer: I am on a complaining mood… Let’s assume you are working in an office. Everything goes smoothly with your co-workers. I mean, you are not bff but you can count on each others to get the work done. Then something happens: one of them gets promoted. Well, let’s assume you are a good person,… Continue reading The weak link / Le maillon faible

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Completely Crazy / Complètement Folle

I should be completely crazy. Well, I know I am. But this is not my fault. Of course, I won’t blame myself for that. Like any good psychologist, I will blame my education (or parents, whatever). Don’t get me wrong, I am not the kind of crazy who would lose one’s temper because you didn’t… Continue reading Completely Crazy / Complètement Folle